Scan to BIM

The adoption of 3D Laser Scanning within architectural work flows has led to an ever increasing need for an efficient method of transforming highly detailed 3D Laser Scan survey into intelligent models suitable for implementation in BIM work flows.
At Lester Franks, we understand the complexities in the successful execution of developing as-built Building Information Models which integrate tightly with our clients work flows. We have developed robust in-house methods to ensure fully compliant BIM deliverables and level of development that are fit for purpose.

Where fully intelligent models are not required such as detailed heritage facades, Lester Franks inhouse CAD designers excel at extracting highly detailed models from 3D scan data for heritage documentation and digital archive purposes.
Our Scan to BIM services include:
Simple mass model development
Full Revit family development
Industry compliant BIM deliverables
Intricate modelling of heritage facades
2D floor plans and elevations
Autodesk RECAP deliverables
Tru-view or Webshare virtual site visits


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About 3D Spatial

3D Spatial provides professional consulting services in all aspects of precision measurement including small and large scale metrology, 3D Laser Scanning, Surveying, Dimensional Engineering and 3D CAD design.

In 2012, 3D Spatial merged with Lester Franks Survey and Geographic, an Australia wide Surveying and Spatial consulting firm with offices in 10 locations throughout Australia.