Power Generation and Turbo Machinery

3D Spatial specialises in servicing the power generation and turbo machinery sector with a wide range of industrial metrology services. Over the years we have worked with a wide and diverse range of clients in this sector.

Scanning turbine blades and associated components with a 3D Laser Scanning system quickly generates accurate data of the entire part to provide a baseline for any dimensional inspection requirement.

Our services comprise the following.

  • Precision alignment services using Laser Trackers, FARO Arms and photogrammetry.
  • Dimensional Inspection of turbine blades and castings for wear and deformation
  • Reverse Engineering of legacy components


3D Spatial provides precision measurement and alignment services with a range of instruments including Leica Laser Trackers, FARO Arms, Laser Scanners and Photogrammetry capable of performing measurements to accuracies within 20microns for critical applications. 3D Spatial works with clients around Australia providing precision large scale alignment services in industries such as Marine, Oil and Gas, Defence, Power and Process Plant, Automotive and Aerospace.