3D Spatial's engineers and surveyors work around Australia and overseas applying our range of measurement services to the mining industry. From precision measurements down to a matter of microns all the way to scanning open cut mine pits and stockpiles for volumetric calculations our team bring the required level of expertise to solve the most complex dimension problems.


3D Scanning for Plant upgrades including the replacement of infrastructure such as piping, equipment and structure has seen Laser Scanning adopted as the tool of choice for performing as-built plant surveys. Laser Scanning is a proven technology that can be used to capture and model an entire plant in 3D. The end result is an easy to navigate and intuitive "virtual" plant can then be accessed anywhere in the world to support project and asset management, engineering, maintenance, operations, safety and more. By utilising 3D Laser Scanning, our clients are saving time and money on projects of all sizes

Some of the key benefits to our processes include:

- Documents the as-built condition of site infrastructure

- Reduces construction costs and rework

- Reduces overall design and construction time

- Avoids costly project delays

Our team of engineers and surveyors work closely with clients to expedite construction and expansion projects whilst keeping costs in check through the use of state-of-the-art 3D Laser Scanning techniques.


3D Spatial provides precision measurement and alignment services with a range of instruments including Leica Laser Trackers, FARO Arms, Laser Scanners and Photogrammetry capable of performing measurements to accuracies within 20microns for critical applications. 3D Spatial works with clients around Australia providing precision large scale alignment services in industries such as Marine, Oil and Gas, Defence, Process Plant, Automotive and Aerospace.