Metrology Grade 3D Scanning

At 3D Spatial we use a wide range of 3D Scanning Technologies suitable for almost any application of any size or accuracy. Ultimately, our scanning services can be placed into two distinct categories Close Range Scanning: Typically these instruments are used where sub-millimeter accuracy and resolution is required. Portable Co-ordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) which includes FARO Arm's and Laser Trackers Terrestrial Scanning We often find that many projects require the use of several technologies in order to meet specific size and accuracy

Metrology Scanning Gallery

About 3D Spatial

3D Spatial provides professional consulting services in all aspects of precision measurement including small and large scale metrology, 3D Laser Scanning, Surveying, Dimensional Engineering and 3D CAD design.

In 2012, 3D Spatial merged with Lester Franks Survey and Geographic, an Australia wide Surveying and Spatial consulting firm with offices in 10 locations throughout Australia.