3D Spatial provides a wide range of 3D Scanning, Industrial Metrology and other precision measurement services to a diverse range of clients throughout Australia and the Asia Pacific region. Please explore through the above menus to learn how we are helping our clients to solve the most complex dimensional challenges


3D Scanning can be used in almost any engineering process to provide high definition 3d-imaging of physical parts for any number of disciplines. Our scanning systems can measure items of any size from cars, boats, aircraft, buildings and petro-chemical plants to jewellery, turbine blades and dental implants. The possibilities are endless.


Reverse Engineering using Laser Scanning and digitising is by far the most efficient way to generate CAD models from a part that is complex in shape and/or requires a high degree of accuracy. We can help you to:

  • Obtain accurate CAD data of an existing part
  • Design a new part to interface to an existing part
  • Update existing CAD models to reflect as-built design
  • Capture critical performance surfaces

From modeling design concepts for cars or replacement parts which have no design data all the way to modeling historic buildings, production plants and football stadiums, the variety of industries served by reverse engineering reaches far and wide. During our consulting process, we will identify performance goals for your project to ensure you that you recieve the deliverables you need for your project.



Our advanced 3D scanning and digitising tools provide a fast and easy way to measure and analyse the dimensions of any part to an accuracy of one-quarter the thickness of a human hair. Our systems give you the ability to:

  • Quickly perform CAD-to-Part comparisons
  • Identify areas that are out of tolerance
  • Perform GD&T analysis
  • Identify and fix manufacturing defects
  • Identify part shrinkage and warpage


Laser Scanning of large infrastructure provides complete and accurate spatial information and provides a faster, safer and more accurate alternative to traditional survery and dimensional control methods to capture, visualise and model complex structures.
Our Engineering survey division utilises the latest in large-scale laser measurement technology to accurately capture and visualise and model spatial information for projects as varied as providing as-built documentation and modelling of petrochemical an automotive assembly plants, marine and mining all the way to projects in the fields of architecture and heritage preservation