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JULY 2010
3D Spatial is now a reseller for RAPIDFORM suite of software



Rapidform provides a full range of software for Pointcloud Processing (XOS), Reverse Engineering (XOR) and Dimensional Inspection (XOV). 3D SPATIAL - Rapidform Products

Rapidform XOR - Redesign

3D SPATIAL - Rapidform - XOS Redesign

Rapidform XOR, the only 3G (third-generation) reverse engineering software, is a complete software application for creating CAD models from 3D scan data. With Rapidform XOR, you can open data from any 3D scanner and quickly create editable, parametric solid models of virtually any physical Objet. These models can be transferred from XOR into popular CAD applications, including SolidWorks®, Siemens NX™ and Pro/ENGINEER®, with complete feature trees intact. This means that – unlike second generation the models from XOR are editable just like any other part designed in CAD. And XOR can save models as Parasolid®, STP, IGS and STL for use in any CAD/CAM/CAE application.

The third-generationapproach inside XOR makes creating high quality, ready to manufacture CAD models fast and easy. Creating complete solid models accurate to within a few microns of a 3D scan takes less time than redrawing it in CAD. XOR, paired with a 3D scanner, is simply the fastest, most accurate way to create a design model of a real-world Objet.

Parametric CAD Models from 3D Scan Data

Rapidform XOR uses proven solid and surface modeling techniques to create CAD models from point clouds and polygon meshes produced by 3D scanners. Unlike the raw data that is created by a 3D scanner, these CAD models are lightweight, made up of editable features, and are directly usable for machining, design changes, simulations, analysis and much more. And unlike first- or second-generation reverse engineering approaches, the models you create in XOR aren't just static NURBS surfaces. They can be manipulated, edited, updated and changed at any time and in any way you define. And every model created in Rapidform XOR is sure to be accurate. The patent-pending Accuracy Analyzer™ shows real time deviation analysis while you redesign the part, so you can ensure your finished model is faithful to the original 3D scan. And it saves time because you never have to leave XOR to check your modeling accuracy.

Capture Design Intent

In Rapidform XOR, you're not just capturing the shape of the scanned Objet, you're capturing its original design intent as well. XOR automatically detects features, such as revolves, extrusions, sweeps and fillets, on the scanned Objet. Finished CAD models from XOR are "intelligent" – they contain both form and function. Because the models are made up of features extracted from scans, rather than just surfaces that are fit to scan data, they are much cleaner and have defined dimensions and constraints.

Depending on the need, you may want your reverse engineered models to match the exact geometry of the real world part, including all of its imperfections. But more often than not, a pristine, idealized CAD model that represents the original design intent of the part is preferred. XOR is the only reverse engineering software that extracts design intent as CAD features.

Seamless Interoperability with Full Modeling History in CAD System

CAD models are the industry standard for communicating design parameters and manufacturing requirements. Once the 3D scan data of a part has been modeled in Rapidform XOR, a fully parametric solid model with modeling history can be exported through XOR's patent-pending liveTransfer™ and modified in SolidWorks®, Siemens NX™ and Pro/ENGINEER®. Other 3D applications can open models created in XOR using industry-standard formats like Parasolid®, STP and IGS.

3D SPATIAL - Rapidform Products

Faster Than Any Other reverse engineering Approach

Rapidform XOR takes an elegantly simple approach to reverse engineering: redesign an Objet the same way it was originally designed. Because XOR uses 3D scan data as a template on which to build a CAD model, rather than converting the scan data into a NURBS surface model, you don't need to spend much time cleaning or editing the point cloud or polygon mesh itself. Traditional first- and second-generation reverse engineering approaches require a perfected mesh, which can sometimes take hours to refine. With XOR, you skip directly to making the CAD model. Benchmark tests have shown that XOR's third-generation approach cuts complex reverse engineering jobs from days to hours.

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Rapidform XOV – Verifier

3D SPATIAL - Rapidform - XOV Verify

Rapidform XOV is the ideal solution for inspecting parts with a 3D scanner. It borrows a powerful concept from the CAD world: every inspection job generates a history tree, so you can easily modify or repeat the inspection process any time. XOV combines in-depth inspection functionality with highly accurate algorithms certified and tested by leading metrology labs. And it reads native files from Siemens NX, CATIA V5 and Pro/ENGINEER, including dimensions, tolerances and datums.

The Most CAD Friendly Point-cloud Computer Aided Inspection Software

With XOV, you can import your CAD part files, and dimensions, tolerances, datums and alignment information all come in automatically. Native import is available for Siemens NX, CATIA V5 and Pro/ENGINEER (for SolidWorks, see InspectWorks). Parts from other CAD systems can be imported via Parasolid, STP, or IGS, and Rapidform XOV will automatically detect features and allow you to quickly define dimensions and tolerances to be inspected.

Macro-free Computer Aided Inspection Process Automation

In XOV, you've got a simple interface similar to popular CAD applications, so running through the inspection process is a breeze. Just import the CAD nominal, open the scans of your part (or use liveScan to run your 3D scanner inside XOV), and you're ready to go. Every alignment, deviation color map, dimension and tolerance that you measure is added to the history tree, so you can track exactly what you've done and change anything at any time. No other point cloud metrology software lets you tweak your inspection process so easily. Imagine that you're finishing up an inspection job, only to notice your part isn't properly aligned to the CAD model – no problem! With XOV, you simply change the alignment, and the software recalculates every measurement and regenerates an inspection report.

Powerful Capabilities for the Most Demanding Reverse Engineering Software

There's a reason Rapidform XOV is used by almost every major automaker and thousands of other companies: it has in-depth functionality to complete the toughest inspection jobs. Sophisticated alignments, ANSI Y14.5b compliant GD&T and extensive deviation analysis capabilities let you perform detailed inspections of your parts. Sheet metal, castings, plastics, tooling and machined parts can all be measured and compared to CAD models in XOV.

Automatic Computer Aided Inspection Repetition

Because Rapidform XOV tracks every step of the inspection process, once you've inspected one sample of a part, every subsequent sample can be inspected automatically. XOV recognizes features in the scan data and measures them on the fly without any user interaction needed. So the next part you inspect is just one step from beginning to end. You don't need to write macros to automate your work because Rapidform XOV is history-based just like Rapidform XOR.

Proven Accuracy, Super Speed and Huge 3D Scan Data Capacity

When it comes to inspection, every calculation counts. That's why Rapidform XOV's geometry calculation algorithms have been tested by America's NIST, Britian's NPL and independently certified by Germany's PTB metrology authority as Class 1 accuracy. Top manufacturers around the world trust Rapidform XOV to measure thousands of parts every day.


Rapidform XOS - Scan

3D SPATIAL - Rapidform - XOS Scan

Rapidform XOS/Scan is the value leader in shape capture (2G-2nd generation-reverse modeling) applications, which is the world's 1st reverse engineering software offering fully automated scan data processing to allow user to make a NURBS model from raw 3D scan data within a few button clicks. Rapidform XOS is the most affordable reverse engineering software to end-to-end support point cloud, mesh, color texture, curve and surface operations in an integrated environment. As all-in-one software for 2G shape capture applications, it is the ideal tool for processing 3D scan data for 3D printing, rapid prototyping, and non-mechanical reverse engineering including medical, anthropological and archeological applications. Rapidform XOS widely supports all the possible shape capture workflows using 3D scan data.

3D Scanning to NURBS Conversion Ending up in CAD System with a Few Button Clicks

Throughout the development process, we focused on the automation of tedious and time-consuming tasks in reverse engineering modeling process. Thanks to its fully automated Scan-to-NURBS feature, 3 button clicks from 3D scanning software to NURBS conversion can be enough to end up being in other CAD systems.

Comprehensive Feature Set for Point Cloud, Polygon and Color Texture Processing

In addition to its Scan-to-NURBS modeling features, Rapidform XOS produces Class-A meshes in a single step. The collection of tools in the Rapidform XOS offers fast and accurate optimization & preparation of point clouds and polygons from any 3D scanning device. Also, a rich set of color-textured polygon model optimization and modeling tools is also available such as direct color texture editing, color-aware polygon operation and color parameter adjustment. The mesh models generated by Rapidform XOS can be directly used as input for target CAE, CAM and RP , CAE or manufacturing.

World's Best and Automated Scan-to-NURBS Tool at the Most Affordable Price

Rapidform XOS is analogous to the surface modeler(2G shape capture solution). It is for those that have no need to perform redesign on parametric solids. Rapidform XOS offers advanced curve and surface tools for developing precise, high-quality surface models. Compared to Rapidform XOS, Rapidform XOR, Rapidform XOS' family product, is analogous to the hybrid modelers(3G reverse modeler), which is the only 3D scanning software application that builds editable, parametric solid models from a raw 3D scan data.