3D Spatial provides shipbuilding and shipyard processes like plate burning, plate shaping or rolling, unit or block construction and reference line verification, then applies statistics to help control and identify problem areas.

3D Spatial works closely within the marine industry providing a range of dimensional control, industrial metrology, 3D Laser Scanning and conventional surveying skills and technologies. Our processes a much higher level of precision over tapes, wooden rulers and plumb bobs. Increased accuracy allows better control over processes with compressed manufacturing timeframes and ultimately less rework. For the majority of marine vessels in service there is frequently no digital documentation nor detailed 3D CAD models. Even though vessels currently under construction are designed and built purely from 3D data, they suffer the same lack of documentation as their previous models in terms of their true ‘as-built’ geometry. Due to the inaccuracies generated from the build up of engineering process tolerances it is common to encounter mismatches between conception and the completed structures. As such, the actual 'as-built' shape of the vessel, from the hull to the internal layout of features such as piping, is not always accurately reflected in the plans.

As a consequence of this, there are frequent issues with retrofit or refurbishment programs as there are unknown quantities which could affect the fit and function of new plant and equipment due to the original CAD data deviating from the actual vessel often by considerable amounts.

By utilising 3D Laser scanning for as-built ship-checks, 3D Spatial enables Naval Architects incredibly accurate laser scanned datasets and as-built CAD models as a more accurate way to ensure their vessels are built and modified correctly and safely from the start thus saving time and money.

3D Spatial is proud to offer the following services to the marine industry:


3D Laser Scan of Aratere Ferry


Dimensional control and inspection utilising portable CMM’s, Laser Scanners, Laser Trackers and Industrial Theodolites.



Scaleable technologies for precision measurement of small components to the order of microns all the way to complete dry-dock external and internal data capture of entire vessels.



Creation of detailed as-built CAD models from laser scan data to aid in refit and refurbishment.

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About 3D Spatial

3D Spatial provides professional consulting services in all aspects of precision measurement including small and large scale metrology, 3D Laser Scanning, Surveying, Dimensional Engineering and 3D CAD design.

In 2012, 3D Spatial merged with Lester Franks Survey and Geographic, an Australia wide Surveying and Spatial consulting firm with offices in 10 locations throughout Australia.